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Recovering from a Cold


It's that time of year when the weather just can't seem to make up its mind. You step outside into the hot sun, and a few minutes later it's raining, then you run back indoors where the aircon is freezing. Init-lamig. And it's also the time of year when it seems everybody is down with the sniffles.

It's been years since I last had a there's-no-way-I-can-get-out-of-bed flu. I remember I was doing yoga early in the morning and thinking "wow, it's really tough to do yoga when you can't breathe through your nose." And then my day went downhill from there. Ugh. Thankfully that hasn't happened in a while, though I do get the sniffles occasionally.

I don't like taking medicine to relieve cold symptoms, partly because I'm allergic to NSAIDs which are often among the ingredients, partly because there's no real cure for the cold anyway, and partly because there are other, natural ways to provide some relief, like:

1. Salabat (Ginger Tea)

I can't do without salabat. The only problem is that most ready-to-drink salabat is sweetened. If you can just boil ginger and turn it into tea, then that's best. It's weird how that gingery throat-burning sensation actually provides relief. If it's too intense then adding some honey may help.

2. Tinola!

There are reasons why chicken soup is the universal comfort food. Add ginger like you do in tinola, and that's even better! At the very least, when you don't have much of an appetite, you'll get some much-needed nutrition and electrolytes.

3. Bulalo

When someone says "bone broth" it's bulalo that comes to mind. Same as with chicken soup, little sips of nutrient-dense yumminess can sustain you even when you don't feel like eating.


4. A Neti Pot

Clears your nasal passages just like that. It takes some getting used to, but it works.

5. Get some rest!

Now is not the time to be trying for PBs at the gym. Take things easy, pamper yourself a bit and give yourself permission to rest and recuperate. Try to get a good night’s sleep.

And finally...whether you swear by essential oils or Vicks Vaporub or Katinko....anything that provides additional calm or relief can be your friend as you fight off the cold. For me that probably includes all of the above, plus a bunch of pillows and Netflix.

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