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Where to Buy Healthy Ingredients in Manila

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

sweet potato hash

(updated June 26, 2022)

I often get questions on where to get healthy food and ingredients to stock a primal pantry. Pre-pandemic, my favorite places to shop were the weekend farmers markets, but several supermarkets and specialty shops now offer good quality meat and organic produce. Here are some excellent places to source your meats and veggies:

  • Biohogs ( sells organically-raised pork and chicken. Their products are also available at the Pinkie's Farm website (

  • Bolzico Beef is a line of reasonably-priced, local grass-fed beef available on

  • Future Fresh ( is a great source of locally-grown, fresh leafy greens

  • Healthy Options ( has expanded their lineup of sustainably sourced farm products including eggs, chicken and pork cuts and vegetables, plus they deliver nationwide!

  • Pinkie's Farm ( is based in Lipa, Batangas but they deliver to NCR and you can even subscribe to their delivery service so you're never out of their full fat super creamy fresh milk. We also love their butter and yoghurts, especially their unsweetened, full fat Greek yoghurt.

  • Real Food ( is a go-to organic store for residents based in the Alabang, Makati and BGC areas.

  • The Green Grocer ( sells organic produce, grass-fed meats, organic pork and chicken, and naturally-raised seafood

  • Wild Caught PH ( or carries a good selection of high-quality, all-natural seafood

Any others you'd like to add to this list? Message me!


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