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Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

christmas gift

It's just two weeks 'til Christmas! If you haven't completed your Christmas shopping, here is a list of ideas to shower your loved ones with the most precious gift of all—good health!

Real food and snacks that nourish

  1. Pili Nuts from Que Rica ( - Pili nuts are known for their antiaging and anti-inflammatory benefits. They're also a wonderful source of Omega 3s. Que Rica sources their pili nuts from Bicol, packs them at the source and crafts them in small batches. Choose from sweet and savory flavors such as ube, Davao chocolate and truffle pecorino.

  2. The Dream Coffee ( - The Dream Coffee offers specialty coffee sourced from the lush rainforests in Lake Sebu. If your loved ones appreciate full-bodied coffee with the aroma of chocolate and caramel, this is it.

  3. Instant Salabat - With Covid and all these "flu-like" diseases going around, it always halps to have a hot cup of ginger tea. Many local brands are available at most groceries, specialty shops like Real Food ( and the usual weekend farmer's markets.

  4. Wild caught seafood - Salmon, prawns and scallops? Why not? Wild Caught PH offers seafood caught at their natural source, so the nutritional profile is much better vs farmed fish. Check out their gift sets at

Gifts to help your loved ones stay fit

  1. Resistance bands - These are some of the most underrated home gym equipment that you can take with you literally anywhere. From side shuffles and glute bridges to squats, adding resistance bands can elevate even the simplest exercises. Get them from department stores, Toby's and Chris Sports.

  2. Foam Roller - Essential gear for loosening up tight muscles before and after every workout, and self-therapy for sore muscle days. Get them at your local sporting goods store.

  3. Five Fingers - Get stronger, healthier feet by using barefoot shoes! Five Fingers is trusted by athletes and natural movement advocates all over the world. Different models are designed for different purposes -- from daily gym workouts, to trail runs and trekking in different types of terrain. Get them from authorized dealers on Shopee and Lazada.

  4. A Class Pass gift card - A Class Pass subscription lets you access hundreds of fitness classes from yoga to CrossFit, and wellness services like spa and salon services. Gift cards are available at

Presents that promote a healthy lifestyle

  1. Plants! - Plants can liven up a room, clean the air, and help you relax. Get your plants from weekend farmers markets, or from online shops like Shopleaf and Spruce that also offer pretty pots, accessories and home delivery. If you live in QC you can also get cheaper options at the QC Memorial Circle Plant Market.

  2. Natural Home Care Products - Many commercial cleaning products can be quite harmful to us and the environment. They often contain harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation or respiratory problems, and can be toxic to pets. An alternative is to use products that use natural, plant-based solutions. Locally-produced products from Messy Bessy, Wonderhome Naturals, Full Circle and Echo Store are great options.

  3. Clean Skincare - When it comes to skincare and cosmetics, few bother to check the labels for harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors. What we don't realize is that some of these can be irritating to the skin, cause harm to the environment, and even disrupt our hormonal balance. Give the gift of healthy, risk-free skincare with gift packs from For Keeps or browse the clean products at Sephora PH.


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