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Easy Primal Recipes for Kids

A number of moms have asked me: Is Primal eating for kids, too? And of course my response is a resounding "YES!" The earlier we can get our kids to appreciate whole, healthy food and to expect (and demand!) quality protein, fat and vegetables at every meal, the better!

I'm not a very good cook, nor a very patient one, so I stick to recipes that are simple and easy. Here are some tried-and-tested recipes I've found online that have seen success at the dining table:

1. Paleo Krabby Patties has some of the best primal recipes! Because I'm too lazy to make my own paleo mayo, I sometimes just use really thick unsweetened Greek yoghurt (Rizal Dairy Farm's full fat Greek yoghurt has just the right thickness and tartness for this purpose).

2. Super Porktastic Bacon-topped Spinach and Mushroom Meatloaf

The name is a mouthful but I love this because the kids don't even notice that they're eating a whole bunch of spinach while they're devouring it. And of course now I realize I don't have any photos of my meatloaf, so maybe it's time to make some soon. Here's the recipe from nomnompaleo.

3. Paleo Chicken Fingers

This has got to be one of the simplest recipes out there. You'll find a lot of versions, but I like this recipe from Wellness Mama. Frying gives it that crispiness that the baked versions can't. Try some homemade honey-mustard sauce to go with it. Mix a 3:2 ratio of honey to mustard, and that's it!

4. Cauliflower Pizza

Popsugar has an awesome cauliflower pizza recipe. After Step 2 though, it's important to squeeze out all the liquid that you can from the cauliflower. I use a cheese cloth to do this. It takes some effort and a bit of an arm workout, but this extra step is completely worth it.

What's great about this is you can get your kids to design their own pizza by choosing and placing their own toppings on the crust you prepare.

5. The Meatzza

This is so heavy it will sit in your stomach like a rock. But if your children are not consuming enough protein, then this could do the trick! Try this meatza recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo.

Give these a shot and let me know how they go!

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