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Primal Substitutes for Bread


If there's anything I do miss every now and then it's really good bread, and when I find myself close to a panaderia I just have to stand there for a minute and enjoy the smell of freshly baked pan de sal. Occasionally, if it's worth it, I'll have an entire croissant to myself. And I do mean occasionally: the last time was when I celebrated my birthday, 3 months ago.

Many paleo-friendly versions of muffins, pancakes or cookies can actually match up quite well or even taste better than their "traditional" counterparts. But when it comes to bread, somehow no gluten-free or flour-free options can quite capture the right texture. But if you want to make a sandwich, or need something on which to spread your free-range chicken liver pate, or to balance off the flavor of your homemade chili, then here are a couple of recipes you can try:

1. Paleo Bread

I've tried many recipes. Some taste like cardboard. Some are ok but the texture is off. So far, it's this recipe that comes closest to sandwich bread. It must be the yoghurt that makes the difference.

2. Cauliflower Bread

cauliflower grilled cheese sandwich

Someone posted on Facebook about the mouthwatering cheese bridge that happens when you slice a grilled cheese sandwich and pull the two halves apart. So of course my mouth watered and I just HAD to have a grilled cheese sandwich! This cauliflower grilled cheese recipe is so good and super filling.

3. Almond Flour Biscuits

These cheddar almond flour biscuits are the BOMB. I remember I made a batch of these right before we went trekking to Pico de Loro, and they were the perfect energy source. They're like lembas: they'll sit in your tummy like a brick! Haha. But seriously, I love cheese (obviously) so these were perfect, and they go well with anything.

4. Paleo or Coconut Wraps

paleo wrap

If you've tried these coconut wraps that you can sometimes get from Lazada or the Echostore, then a sweet coconut flavor does come through so I find it a bit awkward to have it with savory fillings. I hear the curry flavor is quite good though, so if you can get your hands on some I imagine it would be great with some shredded chicken, lettuce and avocados.

Have you tried other primal-friendly substitutes for bread? Do share so I can check them out as well.

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