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The 21-Day Primal Transformation Group Challenge!

One of the things that first led me to the Primal Blueprint was Mark Sisson's bestselling book: The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation, which talks about the 8 Key Concepts of the Primal Blueprint and guides you through a 21-Day Transformation Challenge, Anyone can just read through the material and take on the challenge by themselves, or get some help by signing up for some really engaging online programs. The only problem of course, is that while the digital content is great, the physical products will have to be shipped from the US, and that can be quite expensive and inconvenient for those of us who live all the way here in the Philippines. And of course, not everybody wants to take the Primal journey alone.

So here's the good news:

I'm offering the 21-Day Transformation Program as a Group Challenge, localized for Pinoys (or expats based in the Philippines) who are ready to kickstart their health journey by spending 21 days transforming into healthier, leaner and stronger versions of themselves.

For less than the cost of a coffee/day, you will get:

  • An introductory session where you will receive an overview of the Primal Blueprint and what to expect for the next 21 days

  • Daily monitoring and feedback via a Facebook Group that we will set up for your group

  • Primal Blueprint Program handouts and materials delivered via the FB Group

How do you get started?

1. Gather a group of at 5 to 10 people who want to spend 21 days transforming into healthier versions of themselves and want to help keep each other accountable for their success!

2. Send an email to, tell me who's signing up, and when you'd like to schedule your 30-minute program briefing!

The Group Challenge goes for only PhP1,500/person until Feb 28, 2018! After that, the cost/head goes up to PhP2,000/person. Either way, that's half the cost of your daily cup of coffee in exchange for enormous value that you can enjoy for life!

Questions? Ready to go?

Shoot me an email at

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