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Eating During Executive Health Checkups

I get an Executive Health Checkup every year at around the same time: the last quarter of the year. I schedule it right after my birthday so it's like a gift to myself. I like being able to make sure everything's working properly and the nerdy me enjoys looking at trends in my health stats over time and seeing whether there are any significant changes I need to be concerned about.

For the last several years I've been getting my checkups at a hospital where the buffet spread for patients has hardly changed since I first started going there: little sandwiches, cookies, arroz caldo, some fruit and taho. I usually just scrape the filling (sometimes egg, sometimes tuna) from the bread and eat that together with a little fruit, and then wait until the checkup is over so I can go look for something better to eat.

This year they actually had some lettuce and tomatoes, which was an improvement, I suppose. They had little cream puffs instead of cookies and very starchy mushroom soup (probably the canned stuff) instead of taho. So maybe it wasn't an improvement at all. Haha.

My question is: Why can't they include more meat and vegetables in the selection? Or eggs, at least? Maybe more than one vegetable? I mean, really. You've got all these middle-aged and senior people coming in and paying a lot of money because they want to look after their health, and all they get after fasting for 12 hours is a bunch of carbs, gluten, GMO soy and sugar?

Frustrating. I wonder if the food they serve at the other hospitals is any better.

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