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5 Places Even Grownups can Play

I'm a mom to two very athletic teenagers who love to challenge themselves physically and try new things. Getting the family to come together for PLAY entails some research and creative thinking, but also a lot of self-conditioning on my end to put aside personal fears (!). As we get older we often default to watching our kids from the sidelines, but it's even more fun to jump in and get some of the action!

1. Jump around on trampolenes and get a great aerobic workout at the Trampolene Park and Jumpyard! The first few jumps can be awkward, but once you get the hang of it, it starts to get fun. They say Jumpyard is safer for smaller kids since they have rules against flipping as opposed to the Trampolene Park, where even the park assistants practice their flips.

2. Be a circus performer for a day at Flying Trapeze Philippines! They'll get you to warm up and stretch a little bit, and teach you what to do while you're safe on the ground. The first time you try this you'll probably be cursing all the way up the ladder, and your stomach will be doing flipflops as you reach for the bar, but as soon as you jump off that platform, it's all WAAAAAAAA crazy fun. The feeling when the catcher grabs your wrists mid-air is incomparable.

3. We've always loved watching American Ninja Warrior at home, so when we heard about the Ninja Academy, we just had to go try it out. Their Gauntlet challenge is a pretty challenging HiiT workout and of course you HAVE to try their ninja course. Every now and then they have special classes like handstand and parkour workshops, so subscribe to their Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events.

4. Wall climbing is always a good way to kill time and get a full-body strength workout. Some of the more accessible ones are at Power Up at R.O.X. in BGC and Climb Central in Mandaluyong.

5. Breakout! Ok maybe this is more mental than physical, but you'll likely be moving around while you try to break out of your room in 45 minutes. Book your escape game at the Breakout Philippines website.

If you haven't yet, try these out this coming weekend, and let me know if you discover any new, interesting activities to do without having to leave the city!

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