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The older we get, the more challenging it seems to stay fit and healthy. And despite all the information available to us, many still struggle with weight loss, lack of overall fitness and energy, pain and illness.

​Primal Health Manila aims to set you on a natural path to becoming stronger, leaner and healthier through integrative health and fitness coaching.

Our principles are aligned with the Primal Blueprint: a set of guidelines based on evolutionary science to help you reprogram your genes to burn fat, reverse aging and feel great!



Primal Health Manila



A Primal Health Coach helps you set and stay on track with your health goals by providing guidance on food choices, movement and exercise, sleep and stress management.  

1-on-1 Health Coaching

A 12-week, individualized coaching program to help you set, plan and track toward your health goals.

Group Coaching

This 21-day challenge is a fun way to learn and apply diet, movement and lifestyle changes together with friends or colleagues

Corporate Wellness Programs

We'll help you design and implement an integrated health and wellness program for employees based on primal health principles. 

Health Talks

1-hour talks or custom workshops on the health topics that matter most to your audience

What Clients Say

"Our team just completed the 21-day primal health challenge with Coach Issa. More than the weight loss (lost more than 5 lbs. so far), she helped us tweak our lifestyle so we can continue to make healthy choices."


Mae, Business Owner

Meet the Coach
Primal Health Coach


I am a mom, B2B marketing consultant, lover of the arts, dancer, and fitness enthusiast. Following the Primal Blueprint has helped me be healthier, stronger and fitter in my 40s than I ever was in my youth. I look forward to helping other busy executives and professionals to figure out how to be at their healthiest and find balance in their lives despite their crazy schedules.

Issa Aviles

Certified Primal Health Coach

Certified Primal Fitness Coach

Certified Women's Strength Fitness Specialist

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