A health coach helps you stay on track with your health goals by providing ongoing guidance and support that medical practitioners may not be able to on a regular basis: adjusting and monitoring your diet, helping with food choices, recipes and grocery decisions, determining how much and what type of exercises to do, and even ways to de-stress and have more fun. Health coaches spend time getting to know your specific challenges and circumstances, to help you meet and maintain your health goals. 









Many of us feel frustrated from trying out different diets or working out for hours and not getting the results we want. Primal Health Manila aims to help you cut through the clutter so you get definitive information and individualized guidance to get results that you can sustain for life.

Primal Health Manila provides integrative health and wellness coaching to help people become stronger, leaner and healthier. Our principles are aligned with the Primal Blueprint: a set of guidelines based on evolutionary biology that help you reprogram your genes to burn fat, reverse aging and feel great!


Primal Health Manila



What Clients Say


Denise, Entrepreneur

I had been searching for a holistic solution to my hormonal imbalance for 4 years and had been to countless doctors, healers and had tried many diets, but nothing gave the LASTING effects I was looking for. Removing carbs and sugar, with the help and guidance of Issa, made me stronger, more focused, leaner and happy!!!

Trina, Executive

I've been struggling with my weight since I gave birth to my last son, and been trying so many diets and plans to lose the weight but I just couldn't sustain them :(. I love how Issa makes everything simple, doable and practical....Now, finally, I'm on a more steady and sustainable path to healthy weight loss thanks to Issa's help and encouragement.

Liza, Business Owner

I wanted to lose weight and be more fit in my middle age and not suffer my genetic / lifestyle fate of acquiring diabetes and hypertension. Coach Issa’s program is a God-send, a light bulb moment in my struggle to take control of my health. I’ve exercised, tried out all the diets, meal plans etc., but this program made me realize that i can only achieve my health goals if I make mindful choices in my eating, exercising and generally, “living.” I am very thankful for this enlightenment!

Lia, Wellness Coach

I love that I was able to lose weight without feeling deprived. It's worth the investment!

Meet the Coach

Primal Health Coach
Issa Aviles
Certified Primal Health Coach


I am a mom, B2B marketing consultant, lover of the arts and fitness enthusiast. Following the Primal Blueprint has helped me be stronger and fitter in my 40s than I ever was in my youth. I look forward to helping busy executives and professionals based in the Philippines who juggle work with personal passions and family, to figure out how to be at their healthiest and find balance in their lives despite their crazy schedules.


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