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Individualized 12-Week Primal Health Coaching

This is a 3-month transformational program designed to hand-hold you towards your specific health and wellness goals.  One-on-one coaching is best for people who:

  • want personalized care and a safe space to address private health concerns 

  • have specific health concerns that need to be taken into consideration

  • have full or erratic work schedules and need some flexibility in terms of coaching hours

All 1-on-1 Coaching clients must go through an initial 30-45 minute Discovery Session to assess whether the program is the right approach before getting started. 

21-Day Group Primal Transformation Coaching

Some people find that they are more motivated to stick to health goals when they belong to a group with similar objectives. This Program is designed for groups of 5 to 10 people who want to go through the 21-Day Primal Transformation together and help hold each other accountable for their progress. 

The Program is most suitable for people who are willing to share their progress, insights, questions and feedback with others in the group. By the end of the 21 days, participants will learn how to make dietary and lifestyle changes to help them reduce excess body fat and build lifelong healthy habits. You will: 

  • learn how to discern bad vs. good, better and best food choices

  • be on the road towards becoming fat-adapted

  • know the Primal Essential Movements and understand the principles behind Primal fitness

Corporate Wellness Programs

You want to take care of your employees so that they can perform at their best.  We can design a wellness program that can lead to healthier employees and lower the costs and productivity loss associated with employee healthcare, sick leaves and rising insurance premiums. 

Workshops and Seminars

Primal Health Manila can provide specialized talks or workshops. Topics can range from an overview on Primal Health, to specific nutrition or diet topics, fitness and movement. 

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Corporate Wellness
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