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Where to Buy Stuff for your Primal Pantry

sweet potato hash

I often get questions on where to get healthy food and ingredients. While my favorite places to shop are the weekend farmers markets, regular supermarkets now carry a lot of good options as well. There are also several specialty shops and delivery services that offer good quality meat and organic produce. Here are some of my current go to's:


Apart from the native chickens and "Angas" beef from small farmers selling at the palengke or community market, get your grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and pasture-raised pork from:

  • Down to Earth (www.downtoearth.ph) - best grass-fed burger patties around, and they carry beef liver and good butifarra and beef tapa

  • EarthOrigins Marketplace (www.earthorigins.ph) - good selection of different cuts of meat. They also carry organic sausages.

  • Biohogs (www.biohogs.com)

  • Rustans Supermarket - for frozen free-range chicken and lamb chops

  • S&R - look out for New Zealand or Australian grass-fed beef options

  • SM Supermarket sometimes carries Australian grass-fed ground beef

  • Healthy Options - their Shangri-La Plaza branch has a station where you can select your cuts of choice from pasture-raised pork and free-range chicken


grass-fed butter

You can find grass-fed and sometimes even raw dairy options from:

  • Pinkie's Farm (https://pinkiesfarm.com) - They're based in Lipa, Batangas but they deliver to BGC and Makati, and you can even subscribe to their delivery service so you're never out of their full fat super creamy fresh milk. One of our favorites!

  • The Dairy Farm - They have a stand at the Legaspi Sunday Market where they sell butter and cheeses

  • Down to Earth - They sell grass-fed cheeses, milk, butter and kefir

  • Holy Carabao (https://shop.holycarabao.com/) - Sometimes they offer raw milk, which tastes fantastic. Make sure to keep it frozen until ready to consume.

  • Rizal Dairy Farms (http://rizaldairy.com)- Their milk is pasteurized but from grass-fed cows. Opt for full fat! Their regular Greek yoghurt is the best.

Anchor Butter is apparently from grass-fed cows. Opt for the unsalted kind at your favorite supermarket. I've also spotted Kerry Gold butter at S&R.

Organic Vegetables and Fruit

baked vegetables

Organic is best when you are looking to buy produce that isn't covered by some kind of thick skin or peel. Leafy greens, tomatoes and others on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen are best purchased from the likes of:

  • the Weekend Farmers Markets (like the ones in Centris, Legaspi, Salcedo and Alabang). Talk to the vendors to learn more

  • EarthOrigins Marketplace - a big plus is that they are able to deliver daily

  • Gourmet Living Club (https://www.facebook.com/GourmetLivingClub/)

  • Holy Carabao

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